Creative Direction for Taco Bell UK Social Media

  • Ellen Fox
  • Liz Stone

Connecting to fans through pop-culture ------- Taco Bell, a definitely american-cult brand, wanted to generate the same cult following in the UK through social media. To coincide with the Launch of Taco Bell in London we gave their social media a spring clean with a fresh creative direction. We researched Taco Bell’s audience; profiling their digital, spending and consumption habits while simultaneously gathering data around British youth culture. We focused on their interest in contemporary fashion, music, internet culture and witt. Then devised a corresponding tone-of-voice strategy, leveraging UK audiences’ fondness of humour to deliver messages with a playful authenticity. We introduced a lifestyle look and feel, channelling loud boxy typography, reminiscent of late 90’s design and exciting Y2K aesthetics to appeal to their demographic. On twitter we connected to fans through funny one-liners and pop culture references, driving loyalty and a strong base of super fans.