Creative Laboratory - Future shopping

  • Johana Kroft
  • Maxim Kroft

Personal project exploring the future of personal avatars in virtual space. This idea came from the major events of 2020. We had to change how we live completely. Instead of going outside, we were forced to stay inside. How the future shopping experience looks like? Well, have a look at our video. Creative Laboratory is a concept project by Idea & Maker exploring the idea of a virtual retail store/art gallery. Our custom-made avatars are wearing 3D bootleg clothing of some famous brands.

Creative/Art Direction: Johana Kroft, Maxim Kroft 3D Designers: Johana Kroft, Maxim Kroft Motion Design: Maxim Kroft Character Design: Marta Macedo Rigging: Preston Gibson, Maxim Kroft 3D Clothing Designer: Alex Manrique Simulations: Maxim Kroft Shading: Johana Kroft Sound Design/Music: Panos Pagonis Voice Over: Megumi Oshima, Tomo Saito