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Creativity Culture Coronas

  • Joey Lee
  • Jay Topham

Welcome to Creativity Culture Coronas. Common conversations with questions asked. We link, we talk, we record, we grow – progressive creatives. A podcast featuring Jay, creative director at vaabs and a brand experience designer, and myself Joey, a published poet and creative writer. We chat to each other and our expanding network.

In the 'PILOT' episode we discuss a concept from a recent read by Silicon Valley consultant Alex Pang 'Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less'. We talk about the importance of recognising how rest can help support success in all aspects of life and why rest is much more than simply the negative space in between going to, being at and coming back from work.
'HYGGE?' was recorded on the cusp of a nationwide government enforced lockdown in the UK, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We come to terms with the disruption of isolation, chat about transformation of physical locations through scent, the power of scheduling and the importance of snacks - exploring the concept of hygge.