Current State of Mind: Redefining contemporary zine-making

‘Current State of Mind’ is a series of zine-making workshops focused on exploring and celebrating 'togetherness' through themes related to belonging, identity and sustainability. Each workshop is introducing a theme using performance-based local artists, who design spaces where participants are invited to join a 'contemplative session of making'. The participants are encouraged to open discussions and document their thoughts and feelings using visual and verbal storytelling.

Chapter I : Belonging

The fragmented layout of Sophie’s zine wants to suggest persistent pain caused from missing home.

The use of the colour yellow throughout the zine transports the viewer in a state of 'saudade', which brings together sad and happy feelings - sadness for missing certain moments from the past and happiness for being able to experience them in the first place.

Ioana's zine is an abstract visualisation of creating belonging instead of looking for belonging.

Her poetry explores feelings of estrangement and longing for a place in this 'world of too much'.

In her zine, Zandra explores the motif of solitude. Using meaningful imagery, she's disputing the negative connotation that this state of mind receives in society.

Chapter II : Identity

Christina interpreted identity through the methaphor of swimming. She argues that everyone's true, authentic identity lives underneath the layering of social constructs and in order to reach it, we have to swim deeper and be unafraid to drown.

Ioana's zine translated the messiness around one’s identity in a playful metaphor - just as we change our clothes everyday, we change our identity and ways of being.

Vlad’s first zine explores the idea that big parts of one's identity are actually recycled from other individuals' and their own life experiences.

Chapter III : Sustainability
Dominika made use of an editorial featuring alpacas to create a whimsical zine about mindfulness.

Anne’s melancholic zine explores the possibility of failure to care about our enviorement. In her zine, she incorporated original artwork and poetry from her book ’Black bile’, to illustrate feelings of decadence and uncertainty.
Krystof ’s zine is combining illustration and collage to document a healthy, colourful and balanced diet on which we can thrive.