D&AD 2019 Bacardi

  • Amelia Lewis-Colonna
  • Elise Pederick
  • iñigo Echevarria
  • Lauren Ahm
  • Abbie Hopper

D&AD Brief set by Bacardi aiming to get people up and moving in Summer. Campaign Design, Illustration and Branding were key design practices here.

A D&AD 2019 brief set by Bacardi to create a campaign designed to get their audience up and moving in Summer. Our solution; Bacardio is a combination of dance and exercise; an experiential activation designed to allow people to feel free and let loose.

Creating Bacardio’s identity promoting the campaign enabled an easy way to show inclusion of people of all ages, sizes and genders.
Executed through dance sessions taken to universities and in the Casa Bacardi tent at festivals, playing Caribbean music and teaching traditional Cuban dance moves.
Heavy use of promotion through social media’s such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to draw in the given target audience. Posters were created to put up around universities and bus and train stations to create more buzz.