D&AD New Blood - Martini - Let's Make Time, Let's Make Memories

  • Hazel Scott
  • Prislla Pattuzzo

Martini is currently seen as an older person’s brand, but they want to create appeal for Martini Time with a younger demographic, focusing on the importance of quality time with friends. Using the tradition of Aperitivo and the line ‘Let’s Make Time’ we will promote the Martini Fiero drink. As young adults find it hard to match up their busy schedules they need a little help having a reason and place to get together. We will create a physical place and online space for them to appreciate their friendships.

The focal point of the campaign is the Fiero Friday Surprise Experience - a chance to win a private Martini bar for the evening to spend time with friends. However, to make our presence known Martini will start this campaign with a highly visible entry into the market. Starting in Italy and progressing across cities in Europe we will transform non-religious clock towers to look like Fiero bottles.
Martini Time bars will appear around these cities. These simple outdoor bars are fully stocked with Martini products and appetisers, ready to host people during Aperitivo. Their mobile nature means they can travel around the country bringing Martini Time to many cities, and of course appear wherever is needed for the Fiero Friday Surprise Experience.
To have a two-way conversation about Martini Time and the importance of quality time with friends, we take to social media. People sharing their stories generates earned media and spreads the #LetsMakeTime message further. Winning the Fiero Friday competition puts Martini at the heart of a great experience and, in time, a fond memory.
Billboards are positioned high up to be seen from a distance, adding the Martini colours and message to the skyline. During the evening the sun casts a shadow on the billboard which reveals friends celebrating with Fiero. This shadow art coincides with the clocktowers making noise and showering confetti, to demonstrate that this is the start of Aperitivo – a time which should be spent with friends.

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