Prislla Pattuzzo

Art DirectorEdinburgh, United Kingdom
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Prislla Pattuzzo

Art DirectorEdinburgh, United Kingdom
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I create bold, impactful, and witty ideas that have the power to change people’s mindsets, inspire, and make them feel something. I am a strategic creative and like to take risks. When the world goes right I like to go left. Prisllacreative.com Prisllapattuzzocreative@gmail.com -Currently looking for an internship.
  • Cancer Research UK- The Nurse Doesn't give a Duck.BRIEF Convince Scottish women that cervical screenings are worth the unpleasantness, because they really do safe lives. ​ INSIGHT More than a third of women are failing to get their cervical screening because they feel embarrassed. & Speculums are world wide known as a 'Beak'. ​ CREATIVE CONCEPT Tell women that the nurse doesn’t give a duck about their body shape, the appearance of their vulva, or their vagina’s smell, they just want to save your live with a cervical screening.
  • YULA - Spirit of the AmazonMillennials have swapped glorious forests for concrete jungles. While hustling with early deadlines and tough workouts, they are no longer connected to the power of nature. They fuel their bodies and mind with "organics" but forget to energise their spirit — their life-giving force. We've used the brand's various animal spirits to personify every person’s inner spirit. And remind them of their deep Amazonian spirit lying dormant and the powers it can unleash.
  • Durex - AccsexibilityDisabled people enjoy sex just like able-bodied. The only difference? They enjoy it unconventionally. All sexual dialogues are filled with innuendos that cater only to the able-bodied. Disabled and disability sex is something that's never addressed or acknowledged. Our work aims to change that by not only informing real, able-bodied people that the disabled have sex, but they have sex differently. And that's normal. For the physically disabled, we’ve reimagined the Kamasutra as a means of pos
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  • NHS - The Nurse Doesn't Give a DuckMore than 1/3 of women don’t go to their cervical screening because they feel embarrassed in front of the nurse, who is holding the speculum, world-wide known as the ‘Duck’s beak’. We’re showing the nurse doesn’t give a duck about your appearance. They just want to save your life.
  • D&AD New Blood - Martini - Let's Make Time, Let's Make MemoriesMartini is currently seen as an older person’s brand, but they want to create appeal for Martini Time with a younger demographic, focusing on the importance of quality time with friends. Using the tradition of Aperitivo and the line ‘Let’s Make Time’ we will promote the Martini Fiero drink. As young adults find it hard to match up their busy schedules they need a little help having a reason and place to get together. We will create a physical place and online space for them to appreciate their
  • Edinburgh Napier University, MSc Creative AdvertisingWhy should people give a shit? That’s what we teach our students on this advertising Masters course. It’s the most successful course in Scotland for budding creatives. We teach practical skills, an understanding of the industry and the ability to think differently required for a career in advertising. Our students know that whatever medium they’re using to communicate, they need to get noticed. That’s line one, page one. The course is fantastically supported by the industry, giving student
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    Art DirectorD&AD New Blood Academy
     - Edinburgh, United KingdomInternship
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  • Strategic Thinking
    MSc Creative AdvertisingEdinburgh Napier University
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom