Edinburgh Napier University, MSc Creative Advertising

  • Hazel Scott
  • Serena Parodi
  • Tamsin Wills
  • Youmna Hazzaa
  • Lydia Rylance Murdoch
  • Prislla Pattuzzo
  • Neale Saldanha
  • Jack Brodie
  • Andreas Karmiotis
  • Brodie Childs
  • Akansha Prakash
  • Julia Lewis
Why should people give a shit?

That’s what we teach our students on this advertising Masters course. It’s the most successful course in Scotland for budding creatives. We teach practical skills, an understanding of the industry and the ability to think differently required for a career in advertising.

Our students know that whatever medium they’re using to communicate, they need to get noticed. That’s line one, page one.

The course is fantastically supported by the industry, giving students the chance to gain practical experience as they study.

Don’t take our word for it. Have a look at their portfolios.


Esther Van Vliet & Youmna Hazzaa
Julia Lewis & Hazel Scott
Andreas Karmiotis & Jack Brodie
Lucia Moreno & Andrea Rahandini
Neale Saldanha & Prislla Pattuzzo
Ahn (Bill) Hoang & Dominic Acito
Lydia Rylance Murdoch & Tamsin Wills & Andreas Karmiotis
Diti Golder & Akansha Prakash
Serena Parodi
Paula Uzicanin & Hazel Scott
Brodie Childs & Jack Brodie