Neale Saldanha

Neale Saldanha

Copy & UX Writer | Brand StrategistEdinburgh, United Kingdom
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Neale Saldanha

Neale Saldanha

Copy & UX Writer | Brand StrategistEdinburgh, United Kingdom
About me
Hello, I'm Neale, and I have a particular fondness for the borderline ridiculous. Like the word gobbledygook. And colours like bastard-amber. I am a passionate creative who is married to strategy and has an ongoing affair with data.
Projects credited in
  • NHS Cervical cancer research
    NHS Cervical cancer researchWomen don't take smear tests seriously because cancer is not "real" enough for them. We're materialising cervical cancer by placing cervical cancer cells as installations all over Scotland.
  • Edinburgh Napier University, MSc Creative Advertising
    Edinburgh Napier University, MSc Creative AdvertisingWhy should people give a shit? That’s what we teach our students on this advertising Masters course. It’s the most successful course in Scotland for budding creatives. We teach practical skills, an understanding of the industry and the ability to think differently required for a career in advertising. Our students know that whatever medium they’re using to communicate, they need to get noticed. That’s line one, page one. The course is fantastically supported by the industry, giving student
  • YULA - Spirit of the Amazon
    YULA - Spirit of the AmazonMillennials have swapped glorious forests for concrete jungles. While hustling with early deadlines and tough workouts, they are no longer connected to the power of nature. They fuel their bodies and mind with "organics" but forget to energise their spirit — their life-giving force. We've used the brand's various animal spirits to personify every person’s inner spirit. And remind them of their deep Amazonian spirit lying dormant and the powers it can unleash.
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    MSc Creative AdvertisingEdinburgh Napier University
    United Kingdom