Dead Drop

  • Grace Irvine
  • Joseph Curle
  • Tom Williams

A detective adventure set amid cold war spy games in 1969. A Door In A Wall created this immersive experience for a public audience in 2017 and launched it early in 2018 to sell-out audiences.

Listen closely, agents. We've got a new mission for you, and we'll only say this once.
Something is up in the world of aviation, and we need you to investigate. A few days ago, a small plane came down just outside London. It seems that the lone pilot was killed not in the crash, but by a jump with a sabotaged parachute. 
This was a murder. 
Perhaps this was some act of petty revenge, but it could be much, much more. The aircraft sported fearsome new technology - something that could tip the delicate balance of global power, and in 1969 that means potential disaster. We need you to discover who was behind this terminal departure before the Cold War starts heating up. 
Our intelligence points to a party at a glamorous London hangout, the Wringer + Mangle Bar in Spitalfields, where several prime suspects will be lurking. It’s a dangerous place, however; other nations will have their own spies circling the case, so we’ll need you and your team of agents to blend in. We suggest you gather a squad of 3-5 agents to tackle this international intrigue, and you'll need a good cover story. We don't want you to be exposed. 
Amidst the jet setters and cocktails, all kinds of secrets can be acquired. Just make sure ours stay under the radar...


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