Defining Kantar's tone of voice

  • Fraser Coupland

In April 2019, Kantar united all of its legacy brands under one singular name. Naturally, this called for one singular tone of voice that would define the company's communications and ensure customers around the world recognised the brand's written word. Defining a brand's tone of voice means talking to the right people. We interviewed key stakeholders and customers to understand exactly what made Kantar the business it had become. Using rich quotes and insight, we defined the tone of voice characteristics for the brand and developed an easy-to-use tone of voice guide for Kantar. This guide included writing advice, with examples, so that any Kantar team member could write in the Kantar tone of voice after a few short minutes in the guide. And because Kantar is a business built on insights, we even had a dedicated section on when and where to use insights to create maximum impact.