Delivering Digital Assets to Financial Institutions

  • Joey Lee
  • Hayley McCarthy
  • Jess Migliore
  • Jess Black

I positioned FinTech firm LAB577's newly developed blockchain product DASL - Digital Asset Shared Ledger, with branding, copywriting and account management. I lead the verbal identity of the brand and also went on to develop and produce all written communications, including sales packs, Industry Articles, Factsheets, video and webinar scripts.

I created web copy and managed the CMS updates for LAB577's main website. Check out the site here - LAB577/DASL to learn more about how the platform mitigates the associated business risks banks traditionally encounter when handling and trading digital assets (inc. crypto-currencies).
The main objective was to disrupt CEOs and Key Stakeholders in Financial Institutions, to intro the DASL platform, enabling banks to trade digital assets with confidence. Working closely with the art department, we used the ominious danger of nature as a metaphor for the lack of assertion banks are displaying in the digital asset/crypto space.