Destination Christmas Windows 2016

  • Hayley Lai
  • Emily Outhwaite
  • Celine Da Silva
  • Hannah Yazdani

" Santa's gone sparkly! We commissioned a handmade bespoke sequin Santa suit for every window - each one takes 193 hours to make."

"Five of the windows have an accompanying party soundtrack. The music is played via a special speaker that uses the glass to convey sound. "

"A beautiful mountain-scape forms the backdrop of each window. Every scene has been individually hand-painted by one of our Bright Young Things alumni".

"We visited a specialist ski equipment reclamation yard in the French Alps to source our Alpine props for this year's windows."

"A grand total of 90 mirrored disco balls were used in the making of these windows."

"It's been so much fun thinking up all the different scenarios for Santa to be partying in. We're constantly adding little details to make sure everyone who sees them chuckles - there's lots of humour this year."

"We enjoyed working with a range of playful materials this year, including glittered acrylics, pastel sheepskins, iridescent snow, gold lamé and super-soft velvets."

"The gold parachute is a real inflatable - we have a fan pumping air into it to make it fly above Santa. "

"The mannequins have been adapted from their original poses to make the movements of the guests eating and enjoying a festive feast. "

"We take pride in our present-wrapping skills and practise tying the perfect ribbon bows weeks beforehand."

" We sprinkled loose iridescent glitter on top of the artificial white snow to make it sparkle."

"We sprinkled loose iridescent glitter on top of the artificial white snow to make it sparkle."

" All the products you see in the windows are available to buy at Selfridges."

"The giant window on the corner of Oxford Street and Orchard Street houses a huge party popper. Instead of confetti exploding out of it, we commissioned a multicoloured neon installation."