• Rachel Oteng-Lartey
  • Victoria Shearing

15 June to 27 July 2019

This ground-breaking exhibition brings twenty artists and makers of African/Caribbean heritage to showcase their work, not previously seen in Farnham.
In relation to art, 'Diaspora' has been used to discuss artists who have migrated from one part of the world to another and who express their diverse experience of culture and identity in their work; often expressing alternative narratives, challenging ideas and structures of the art world.
The exhibition presents work by: Ade Adesina, Annie-Marie Akussah, Kwame Akpokavi, Lolonyo Amegayibor-Bunge, Darren Appiagyei, Dawn Beckles, Freya Bramble-Carter, Enam Gbewonyo, Atta Kwami, Wole Lagunju, Catherine Lucktaylor, Natalie Manima (Bespoke Binny), Jacqueline McFarlane, Rich Miller, Studio Nelle, Abe Odedina, Onome Otite, Mona Tabbicca, Robi Walters and Sharon Walters.
The exhibition is an exceptional opportunity to appreciate and collect work by these twenty artists who bring diverse and fresh narratives to the canon of art.