Diaspora for Volant Magazine

  • Daniel Housley
  • Maxime Ephritikhine
  • Andrea Segura Mora
  • Mariya Dimitrova

This editorial attempts to capture the Chinese diaspora through a mixture of Asian and Western imagery to reflect upon my mixed race heritage. Growing up half Chinese, I often felt embarrassed about that part of my heritage due to social stigmas towards Chinese culture. I would love to alter this perception and instead honour this part of me. This is a very common thing people of colour experience growing up in the Western world and I, being white in passing, have had a completely unique experience to those who aren't. Culture identity is broad and diverse and each celebration of it is a fight against the rampant colourism, featurism and racism in our society. Thanks to the amazing team who helped me bring my vision to life! Stylist & Designer - Maxime Ephritikhine Hair & Makeup Artist - Andrea Segura Mora Models - Sophie Ting Dorothy Cheng @ Wilhelmina Models Photography Assistant - Emily Hang Retoucher - Mariya Dimitrova