Dropspot.io launches IWD2023 campaign #NFTLikeAQueen (where are all my Queen's at?!)

  • Laura Richardson
  • Antony Kitson
  • Yves Peitzner
  • Alice Labourel
  • Tina Touli

Dropspot.io - highly curated contemporary art & culture marketplace, are on the hunt for amazing NFT female creators and digital artists to join our community and feature in our IWD2023 campaign 'NFT Like A Queen'. Our campaign seeks to use NFTs as a vehicle for IMPACT on a mission to: 1. Even out the playing field by removing barriers to entry (it's free to mint on our marketplace), providing a highly intuitive and easy to use platform and the support you need on your NFT journey. 2. Shine a light on trailblazing NFT creators & artists further expanding your networks, connect to new collectors, boost revenue thus further establishing financial security. 3. Harness the power of creativity, community and technology for the betterment of humanity and the planet. 4. Help to amplify awareness on important issues females face globally and raise funds in support of cause-based organisations. 5. Powered by people and media is a key focus to ensure maximum visibility not only in support of the campaign and the community but to inspire others take the leap into the decentralised economy. I will be curating x31 female creators and artists who will each have their turn in the spotlight throughout March. If you are female NFT creator or digital artist of any background or circumstance and would love to get involved, please reach out to me! Please share if this is relevant to someone you know (and of course follow me on my newbie Twitter a/c @ItsmeQueeenie if you want!) Queen of Curation, Community, Communications Dropspot.io --------- NFT curious? If you are NFT curious or a complete rookie and interested in learning more about Dropspot and our broader mission. Reach out, we empower you with the right tools and advice to launch your NFT career/side hustle; be seen, build a global network outside of your 1-2degree bubble and help you access a new revenue stream! Dropspot NFT Creator credits: 1. 'Timeless Spaces' by Yves Peitzner & Michael Askill 2. 'Cabinet de Curiosités' by Alice Labourel 3. '9-5' by Tina Touli 4. 'Techestry' by Andrew van der Westhuyzen 5. 'Isolines' by Anthony Kitson Head to -> https://dropspot.io to pick up one of these amazing NFT's