Durex: Ladies Let's Lube

  • Jenny Davis
  • Nick Boyle
  • Elinor Florence
  • Chantelle Begley
  • Ally Chapman
  • Kate Lloyd
  • Anna Jobbins

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We all know the feeling… it’s the heat of the moment, you’re totally turned on, but it just feels a bit well, uncomfortable down there. And more often than not we put up with it, thinking it’s just part of sex – or worse – that there’s something wrong with us or our relationship.
Well turns out, how wet we get changes with our cycles, so it’s perfectly normal to feel drier down there at certain times (yeah, thanks again hormones). In fact, there are only 5 days of the month when we’re naturally wet enough for sex to feel super comfortable.
Ladies, we think it’s time we stopped putting up with uncomfortable sex. Durex Naturals lube is designed to make sex smoother and more enjoyable, so you can have better sex – whenever the mood takes you.