Dyslexia - Creatively Abled

  • Saachi Mehta
  • Wajeeha Abbasi
  • Ross Rarity Duncan
A brief allotted to MA Illustration and Visual Media students.
We, a group of 12 students, managed to develop the entire storyboard, create the characters, backgrounds, infographics, typography, animation and sounds.
I came up with the title for the film – ‘Creatively Abled’.
It is based on the thought that the Disabled especially with Dyslexia do not lack skills but are rather blessed with creativity and are hence – Creatively Abled!

The characters and backgrounds in the film are kept simple, so that they are recognisable and easily relatable. Also, the message is given more importance and highlighted. The graph paper is used to add a more crude, authentic and aesthetic appeal. While the font for the titles is created simply with folded paper, to make it interesting and fun, the font for all information is a font called ‘Dyslexie’ which is a special typeface, and is easier to read for the people with dyslexia. Even the colour scheme is accordingly chosen, which is subtle and not too flashy. The infographics are bold and with brighter colours to grab attention to the important information. Lastly, the music and sounds chosen are to make the video enjoyable.