EachOther Online

  • Ross Musgrove
  • Rowan Ling
  • Emma Wood
  • Sarah Wishart

EachOther is a charity broadcaster of human rights issues. They provide a platform for journalists and storytellers to create connections and stimulate engagement with the human rights that protect each and every one of us. They make human rights human by amplifying personal, intimate and specific stories from the people who are making change or needing change to happen. From a web-design perspective, the challenges within this project were three-fold: They needed a new site to truly reflect and support their new brand and name They needed a site that replicates the good they were already doing with their already established news-site, and They needed to be able to be responsive to making innovation happen on their own pages New brand, editorial and design flexibility, content is still king. Gotcha. First things first – insight! User botherer Ross was on the case with an initial raft of existing site tests and interviews, followed by another raft of detailed wireframe tests – coming back to the team with insights across navigation, layout, content options, and functions. With the test results in the bag, we de-cluttered and simplified the UX, reducing their navigation from a massive 26 different tabs on the homepage to a cleaner, more user-friendly, topic-based list of content categories. Then began the new design work. Working with the principles of the recently launched WordPress Gutenberg, we designed a new component-based page creating system. This approach armed their editorial team with a whole new publishing arsenal – taking them from their previous completely locked down handful of page templates, to a whole new world of content building blocks for articles, features, landing pages and videos – we also added new page types such as the massively engaging spotlight format such as this one on the hostile environment. Design and build all done and tested, the real challenge raised its ugly head – the absence of people on the client team to handle migrating 1500+ pages of content! Working in true partnership with the client team, we created the best possible support structures to get them through this arduous process with minimum disruption, resulting in a beautiful new site going live on the planned launch date with all content migrated.