Earth House: Posters by DTGT

  • Jason Bruges
  • Paula Scher
  • Marina Willer
  • Tea Uglow
'Do The Green Thing and WWF-UK are jointly running a month-long poster campaign to mark Earth Hour on 29 March. Some of the top artists in the world have created posters to inspire people to live sustainably. Each day, from 1 March, a poster has been released to encourage millions around the world to take up simple actions like cycling to work and eating less meat to reduce the impact we are having on the planet.
Contributors to the campaign include Sir Paul Smith, Sir Quentin Blake, David Shrigley, Neville Brody, Marion Deuchars, Rankin, Camilla Rutherford, Paula Scher and other Pentagram partners.'

See below for examples of works;
Easy on the meat - Rankin
Take public transport by Tea Uglow
Turn it off by Jason Bruges
Plug out by Paula Scher
Feet like cars - Marina Willer

  • Published by: The Guardian, 2014 - Click here to read the article in full

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