Eco Suit | Moss Bros.

  • Claire Stewart
  • Alfonso Cruz
  • Grace Wilson
  • Abhishek Joshi

The eco suit is made using recycled PET polyester fibres, but that's not all: every element, from lining and trims to labels and packaging, is also recycled or made sustainably (and sometimes even both). It's a lot of information to get across. I sifted through all the specs and certifications, found the bits that mattered most and figured out how to position it in a way that would educate and inform, of course, but also get people as interested in it all as we were. I wrote a campaign line to cut through on busy high streets and busier social feeds: Waste doesn't suit you Then a landing page to tell the story with careful wording that would also get the must-know bits across on labels, on emails and on product descriptions (without going on and on and on).


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