Editing // SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 29, The Taste Issue

  • Olivia Squire
  • Jacob Elwood

For the winter 2019 issue of SUITCASE Magazine I chose a celebratory "Taste" theme to both mark the end of the year and appeal to the epicurean instincts of our readers, who always respond well to food and drink-based content. The issue explored culinary cultures in locations as diverse as Palestine, Norway and Australia as a gateway into the destination at large – as I wrote in my Editor's Letter, "It’s this consumption of not just food, but also an entire culture, that makes the unashamed pursuit of a good meal such a visceral part of our travels. By imbibing the rustic and the refined, the modest and the Michelin-starred, we swallow the ingredients that define a locale and reach a greater understanding of its community and landscape." As Print Editor-in-Chief I single-handedly conceptualised, commissioned and edited all content, as well as collaborating with travel partners to produce trips, managing the budget and production timelines, and working with the design, digital and advertising teams on production, promotion and commercial strategy. I also organised a series of three supper clubs to launch the issue. Highlights included: - A cover story and interview with renowned chef Francis Mallmann from his home in Provence - Thoughtful photo diaries about the symbolism of cooking from a refugee camp in Sudan and everyday London restaurants and cafés - Illustrated reimaginings of the humble plane meal by a series of creatively-minded chefs - Chef-led culinary retreats in the Lofoten Islands and Sicily - Epic explorations of the food scenes in rural Australia, Palestine, Mauritius and Malta