Olivia Squire

Olivia Squire

Freelance Writer | Editor | Content Creator | CopywriterUnited Kingdom
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Olivia Squire

Olivia Squire

Freelance Writer | Editor | Content Creator | CopywriterUnited Kingdom
About me
I'm an award-winning editor and writer obsessed with connecting disparate ideas, people and places to create work that sticks. I've made readers care about subjects ranging from gas mains replacement to climbing a mountain with a Japanese monk while dressed as a ghost; I've hosted dinner parties, panels and workshops that pushed participants to think beyond the bottom of their wine glass; and I've wrangled budgets, teams and partners into producing industry-leading work. An expert in travel and lifestyle, I'm at my best when challenging business as usual and extracting purpose from projects, whatever their focus. Most recently I held the role of Print Editor-in-Chief at SUITCASE Magazine and am currently available for freelance projects or intriguing full-time opportunities. If you’re looking for a storyteller with an editorial sensibility who is equal parts madcap creative and militantly organised nerd, drop me a message to see what I could do for your brand, business or publication.
  • Content Writing // Locke Living blog (autumn 2020 onwards)
    Content Writing // Locke Living blog (autumn 2020 onwards)I was hired by the team at design aparthotel brand Locke to research and write content for their blog, created to cater for their audience of curious, culturally minded travellers and long-stay guests. My role was to pitch ideas and come up with creative formats for articles around their new openings in the UK and Europe, primarily in London, Dublin and Munich, all within the irreverent, relatable and culturally connected Locke tone of voice. I wrote a series of original features (how to date l
  • Journalism // Turning the Page (SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 32)
    Journalism // Turning the Page (SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 32)I wrote a 10-page feature for the UK-focused "Homegrown" issue of SUITCASE Magazine about the particular stretch of East Sussex between Firle and Hastings that has become something of a second home to me in recent years. As well as being the place where my parents now live, this part of the county has long been a retreat and refuge for writers and artists including Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell and the rest of the "Bloomsberries". I set out to retread their footsteps as well as interview some of
  • Journalism // In Praise of Community (The Sunday Paper Issue 7)
    Journalism // In Praise of Community (The Sunday Paper Issue 7)I was asked by the founders of luxury sleepwear brand Desmond & Dempsey to write a column "In Praise of Community" for the seventh issue of their print newspaper, The Sunday Paper. Written in the early days of the pandemic for an edition that would become known as the "Wonderfully Wonky" issue, I chose to celebrate the beauty of community in a time of social isolation. You can read the piece in full below or at https://sundaypaper.desmondanddempsey.com/blog/2020/5/22/in-praise-of-community
  • Editing // SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 31, The Freedom Issue
    Editing // SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 31, The Freedom IssueWhen I came up with the theme of "Freedom" and started commissioning this issue, we were operating in very different times. Then came the pandemic and the ensuing closing of borders, lockdown and, in my case, a sudden redundancy from my role as Print Editor-in-Chief. This final issue of mine therefore became a very singular beast, with articles taking a different shape and the editing process taking place from within the confines of my flat. Nonetheless, I'm really proud of creating an unusual,
  • Journalism // True Grit (SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 31)
    Journalism // True Grit (SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 31)I'd been in discussions with the photographer David Yarrow's team about the possibility of securing some exclusive images from his latest shoot in Marfa, Texas for some time before the coronavirus pandemic hit. With both of us in isolation, I interviewed David about the relationship between creativity and commerciality and discussed how the pandemic might make relevance art's new imperative, accompanied by a few of his striking, nostalgic, monochrome images depicting a different kind of freedo
  • Journalism // A Hotel Story: The Original FX Mayr (SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 30)
    Journalism // A Hotel Story: The Original FX Mayr (SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 30)I arranged a trip to The Original FX Mayr, the home of the intermittent fasting concept, to test out its classic programme for SUITCASE Magazine's Health Issue. As something of a wellness cynic, it was an eye-opening experience that genuinely changed my approach to healthy eating (and my waistline!). The final article was published in the spring 2020 issue of SUITCASE Magazine and can be read in full here: https://suitcasemag.com/articles/hotel-story-original-fx-mayr-austria
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Projects credited in
  • Diesel Fried Chicken, SUITCASE The Books Issue
    Diesel Fried Chicken, SUITCASE The Books IssueFor SUITCASE's The Books Issue, I wrote an article about Rob Hann's photobook "Diesel Fried Chicken". “For generations, the popular imagination has been drawn to the infinite white line, the red-rust dust and the heat-hazed horizons of the American highway. We’ve followed outlaws as they speed across immeasurable distances, fallen in love with the bums of beatnik poetry and drifted off to the melancholic crooning of Joni Mitchell, her lyrics recalling solitary moments of travel.”
  • We Are Africa - Not One Story | Promo
    We Are Africa - Not One Story | PromoPromotional campaign video for We Are Africa, luxury travel trade for the high-end travel industry, highlighting the interconnectedness of the African continent and it's thriving and diverse culture.
  • Arcosanti, SUITCASE The Cities Issue
    Arcosanti, SUITCASE The Cities IssueFor SUITCASE The Cities Issue, I collaborated with the photographer Chiara Zonca on the Destination Inspiration feature. "Jutting out of the rocks like a martian Acropolis, the 1970s micro-city of Arcosanti is a prototype for arcology - a fusion of architecture and ecology. Dreamed up by the late Italian architect Paolo Soleri, it is based on an experimental model that reimagines urban sprawl, excessive consumption and ecological disconnect."
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Work history
    Freelance Writer and EditorFreelance
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    As a writer and journalist, I’m an expert in travel and lifestyle who pens thoughtful features, interviews and reviews anchored in the shifting way people interact with place, with a particular emphasis on community. Whether discussing the impact of gentrification on design in Detroit, the paradise and poison of nostalgia in travel marketing, or the power of female friendship post-Covid, I challenge readers’ assumptions and tap into tomorrow’s zeitgeist. As an editor, I connect and commission writers, photographers and creators to produce original, tightly curated narratives on behalf of publishers and brands. I’ve edited both consumer and b2b magazines, authored trend reports and white papers, and hosted workshops and panels on subjects as diverse as how to create and maintain a community, how to make it as a travel writer, and the importance of intersectional thinking – all while managing budgets, production processes and project timelines.
    Freelance Copywriter, Content Creator and Brand ConsultantFreelance
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    As a copywriter and content creator, I use my editorial eye to shape concise and compelling copy that adds weight to your words. I’ve overhauled dry website copy, written clickable sales banners and product descriptions, overseen brand blogs and newsletters, created quirky print newspapers, magazines and direct mails, produced video scripts, injected life into event bios and invitations, and seen brand advertorials through from brainstorm to the page. As a brand consultant, I draw together the why, what and how of your business to build a narrative that truly tells your unique story. I’ve led internal brand sessions, worked on brand books and tone of voice, developed seasonal campaigns, brainstormed brand activations, and collaborated with marketing, creative and commercial teams to ensure everyone’s on the same page.
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    English LiteratureUniversity of Durham
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