Editing // SUITCASE Magazine Vol. 30, The Health Issue

  • Olivia Squire
  • Jacob Elwood

For the spring 2020 issue of SUITCASE Magazine I chose a (somewhat ironic, as it transpired...) "Health" theme to reflect a new-year mindset of good intentions and investigate the concept of "wellness" in a more thoughtful, sustainable and less judgemental way. The issue explored different spins on how to strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual health through the medium of travel, with articles in locations as diverse as Andalusia, Japan and Portland, Oregon. As I wrote in my Editor's Letter, "While you can’t solve the ills of society or your personal struggles with a holiday any more than you can with a bubble bath or a green juice, travel does afford us the opportunity to temporarily step outside of ourselves, examine the strains of our everyday existence and reclaim some balance in untarnished surroundings." As Print Editor-in-Chief I single-handedly conceptualised, commissioned and edited all content, as well as collaborating with travel partners to produce trips, managing the budget and production timelines, and working with the design, digital and advertising teams on production, promotion and commercial strategy. I also organised a panel event in partnership with Bamford Spa to launch the issue. Highlights included: - A hilarious first-person illustrated guide to London's top wellness wizards - An essay on the evolution of the urban spa - Writer and Instagram funnyman Raven Smith's account of his stay at top Swiss retreat Clinique La Prairie - An account of a horse-whispering holiday in the Andalusian hills - Writer Otegha Uwagba on the search for tranquillity in Japan's lesser-known rural regions - Illustrated travel horoscopes based on the stars - A meditation on motherhood from the depths of a Swedish winter - A photo essay on wild swimming women across the UK