EE Podcasts - Who Says You Can't?


EE, the UK’s first 5G network, recently launched a new brand platform ‘Who Says You Can’t?’, to reposition the company as more than a mobile brand.
‘Who Says You Can’t?’ challenges accepted wisdom and negativity head-on – because for everyone who says “you can’t do that”, there’s another, far more interesting person who ignores that and does it anyway.
EE invited us to create an approach for organic social that would help bring their new brand platform to life, in an interesting and engaging way – and to create opportunities for EE to participate in wider cultural conversations through the lens of ‘Who Says You Can’t?’.


We teamed up with EE to create a podcast series to bring their brand platform to life.
The first series of the podcast, hosted by author and presenter Rick Edwards, featured four stories from people who had done something embodying the ‘Who Says You Can’t?’ values. These are: 
  • Professor Green: Get men talking about their feelings… Who says you can’t?
  • Miguel Barclay: Turn a quid into something delicious… Who says you can’t?
  • Arjun Bhogal: Walk across the entire world… Who says you can’t?
  • Dilys Price: Be a grandmother and a daredevil… Who says you can’t?


Each 20 to 30-minute story is unique, while also promoting the value of the EE mantra of ‘Who Says You Can’t?’. The podcasts allow EE to engage in wider cultural conversations by empowering people or organisations that are challenging accepted wisdom and giving them a platform to share their story.
The digitally integrated campaign was promoted organically across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by EE, Rick Edwards, and the podcast guests. It is currently available to listen to on all podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and the EE shop.


The podcast series bagged a spot in the top-three technology iTunes podcasts within the first 24 hours, and more than quadrupled the downloads target. Plus, it received 5-star reviews from listeners and huge organic reach on social media.


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