EE – The World’s First 5G AI Stylist

  • Robyn Frost
  • Tom Ellery
  • Rachel Adelson

We turned CGI influencer, @shudu.gram, into a virtual fashion stylist for the BAFTAs, to bring fashion fans closer to the red carpet. We used 5G, AI and holographic tech to analyse stars’ garments and serve fans affordable matches they could buy within minutes. We rebuilt Shudu in Unreal 4 gaming engine, taking her from static Instagram influencer to moving character for the very first time. We used holographic tech to bring her to life on the red carpet, allowing her to interact with celebrities before photographing their outfits using a Google Pixel 3. She shared it all with fans at home via chatbot – in realtime. With a simple swipe up, fans at home could chat 1-2-1 with Shudu live on the night. And with the power of AI at her fingertips, she scanned stars’ outfits to detect and learn everything from cut and shape to fabric patterns. This let her search 1000’s of retailers to find celebrity-inspired matches to recommend to buy instantly through chat.