Eurobest Festival 'See It Be It Presents: What The Future Creative Industry Looks Like' Talk 2017

  • Jaki Jo Hannan
  • Rossella Forlè
  • Shahnaz Ahmed
On the 28th November 2017 (10:30-11am) I will be speaking alongside the Cannes Lions See It Be It Alumni at Eurobest Festival. Our topic is 'Utopia Inc. What Future Creative Industry Looks Like', we will be talking about collaboration, inclusion, leadership and self care. Read more about our talk here or see below. For my section of the talk please scroll to 20m17s or click here.
Session description:
Tabula rasa! Imagine starting our industry from scratch. What would it look like in terms of culture, collaboration and leadership?   Cannes Lions 2017 See It Be it alumni look forward to providing you with some suggestions that will ring richly in your audio headsets.   How do you build a culture? How do you encourage diversity? What makes a good team? What can you learn from Martha Stewart? How do you ensure all voices are heard? Drawing from their personal experiences and freshly gained perspectives from See It Be It, they'll offer you a glimpse into the future.
Barbara Dzikanowice, Creative Content Director, Happiness, Belgium
Shahnaz Ahmed, Senior Designer, Livity, UK
Hannah Johnson, Senior Copywriter, LA RED, Germany
Jaki Jo Hannan, Senior Art Producer, AMV BBDO, UK


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