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  • Matthew Critchley
  • Amren Malik
Role: Head of Creative Art Director
Brief As the new Head of Creative, my first task was to look at the current advertising campaigns and the consistency of message, tone of voice and visual design. There was also the need to address a logo issue where the original brand mark was not fit for purpose across digital and print. The specific brief for the seasons campaign was to generate more ticket sales for new and existing travellers with a low one-way ticket price point. The campaign template would be continued across all price-led advertising in the UK and Europe in 2016.

Concept I created the proposition of ‘Reward your inner traveller’. The thinking behind this was to treat yourself to cheap away-days for all walks of life. From art lovers and shoppers to sightseers. This way it covered a wide demographic and appealed to most readers. The campaign ran in St Pancras International station, underground stations across the network, in the Metro newspapers and evening standard. The photography was sourced from various libraries due to budgets, with retouching work done in-house. In addition to the campaign work, I also redesigned and the Eurostar ‘E’. I did this because the original brand mark was created as a 3D image and was not suitable for web or print in a flat colour. It is currently used widely across their print and digital branding.


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