Eurostar Onboard Metropolitan Magazine Back Pages

  • Cath Birch
  • Nicole Horlock
  • Matthew Critchley

I worked with Eurostar on the back pages of the on-board magazine from 2014 (the Eurostar information rather than the editorial section) and was dedicated designer for nearly 3 years. This involved several design reviews. Working with many stakeholders, the in-house design team, illustrators and copywriters I developed a mixture of creative concepts and suitable design solutions along with artworking some pages with existing templates. The challenge has always been to include 3 languages on the appropriate pages. The first example below shows the last version of the design developed. After that are included examples to show the progression from before my involvement up until October 2016. We moved the design from a functional, but in parts rather clinical and dated look, to a visually enticing and friendly section. Research has shown the back pages of the magazine are the most read by far. Making this an important asset for Eurostar travellers and a valuable marketing touchpoint. ©Eurostar