Every Valentine's Day - GLAAD

  • Hannah Cunningham
  • Beth Grace

BRIEF Valentine’s day was just around the corner, and once again the shops were full of all hoards of hearts shared merchandise that felt like it celebrated love inclusively. However I thought otherwise. My creative partner and I independently teamed up with GLAAD to create an online campaign that celebrates all kinds of love, totally pro-bono.

The simple observation that the merchandise on Valentine’s Day did not encapsulate a proper expression of love in all its forms, was saddening and shocking. And that in these ‘woke’ times, we couldn’t even get a card right - I decided to do something about it. I developed a series of all inclusive LGBTQ+ Valentine’s day cards - all created by individual LGBTQ+ illustrators and artists that fully expressed the love they wanted to share -

These cards were transformed into digital formats and were shared as IG cards that participants could screenshot and send to one another on the big day. Along with the cards itself, I created a short film that showed love in all its forms for GLAAD’s social media channels and to promote the card series.

After all, every love deserves to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

View film here 👉 https://www.thingsbyhannah.com/every-valentines-day
This project was a true test of my skills and diversity as a creative. Having been the original point of contact for GLAAD, I not only handled the accounts and project management side of the things, but I scouted and liaised with the artists themselves, and in turn created a card myself that honoured my sister’s bisexuality.

I was also the Art Director on the project, meaning I was across all aspects of making the final film, from concepting to storyboarding, sourcing assets and editing the final film for GLAAD’s channels - even creating the SFX myself from a trusted pair of red Dahle scissors - and recording and directing the VO and music composition.

All in all it was a huge task, but something I am still to this day, super proud of achieving - opening up self expression to everyone on Valentine’s Day.