Fabrik Conditioner 19.02

We dedicate February's Conditioner to a retrospective of some of the most engaging and wonderful entries from last year's Fresh 18 winners. Featuring work from Luke Manning, Kristyna Archer, Efrain Sahagun, Alex Noble, Jody Mattioli, Mark Richardson, Andres Marti, Paul Macphail, Jonathan Swecker, Steven Grindler, Domenica Melillo, Edgar Tescum, Alberto Cittone, David Mrugala, Elena Kulikova, Francis Willmann. Malcolm Crowther, Mateja Železnik, Danny Ivan, Benedict Spence, Adrianna Favero, Adriano Rodrigues, Christian Schultz, Torsten Müehlbacher, Matt Whittington and Ariel Palanzone.

Luke Manning, Designer
Luke Manning of Pencil Studio carried the Silver in Packaging forWood Bros small batch single estate Vodka at Fresh 18.
Adrianna Favero, Photographer
Carbon in Fashion for Adrianna Favero and her work in "Romance of the West". Western Inspired fashion is a trend that has been alive and well in American fashion over recent years. As the reality of the American West disappears in our modern world, it is increasingly idealized and reimagined through fashion and popular culture.
Kristyna Archer, Photographer
Archer Studio won the Carbon in Retouching during Fresh 18 for Peepholes, a voyeuristic series exploring abstractions of the bodies' orifices.
Efrain Sahagun, Photographer
First photo of Mars? Efrain Sahagun won last year’s Carbon Fresh Award in Landscape & Natural for ‘The Martians’.
Adriano Rodrigues, Photographer
Carbon in Make Up Arts for Adriano Rodrigues: "I found that I fell in love with Neon UV photography and I was finally able to express myself artistically. The fascinating thing working with UV light is that it's dark in the room and you have absolutely no idea what the project will look like”.
Alex Noble, Artist
Alex Noble in 'The Three of Us', a personal exploration into spirituality, identity, cultural and experiential effects of society on my gender representation. Gold in Portraiture in last year's Fresh Future Awards.
Jody Mattioli, Photographer
Whimsical fashion in 'Unearthly': Jody Mattioli from Hype Studio shoots for ID Magazine and bags the Silver Fresh Future Award in Fashion last year.
Mark Richardson, Designer
Sometimes you get the opportunity to jump off C4D and bring a design to reality. ark Richardson experiments with laser cut numerals and wins the Carbon in Graphic during last year’s Fresh Future Awards.
Andres Marti, Photographer
You can see hints of Baroque and Romanticism in the photographic series by Andres Marti which won the Bronze in the Styling & Jewellery in last year’s Fresh Future Awards. Titled 'Otredad' (Otherness), the work relates to days that one is understood as a whole and other days that that whole is fragmented.
Christian Schultz, Director
Gold in Documentary for Christian Schultz and his "Project Alive: Finn" film. A sweet, moving film about Finn, a young boy struggling with a rare terminal disease who’s parents are searching for a cure.
Paul Macphail, Photographer
Paul Macphail creates 'Back from the Edge' a unique study in creativity and perspective. The fact that it’s shot entirely on a smartphone didn’t deter him from winning last year’s Silver in Sculpture.
Jonathan Swecker, Photographer
"These shots keep me going in my career and will hopefully inspire others to try to think outside the box." Jonathan on his 'World of Pixels' work which got him the Silver Retouching & Post.
Steven Grindler, Photographer
Lili Ruger in her shower: A study in portraiture gets the Silver in Portraiture by Steven Grindler.
Domenica Melillo, Photographer
"Empty pool is the human experience with the emptiness, like the birds, we swim in the air and we move around in a vacuum trying to fill it." Bronze in Reportage for Domenica Melillo.
Edgar Tescum, Photographer
Mexicano means Mexican. Mexican is an identity. An identity that is so huge that everybody can understand. Photographer and Creative Director Edgar explores the meaning of identity through fashion. Silver in Styling and Jewellery during Fresh 18 Awards.
Alberto Cittone, Graphic Designer
It’s more than retouching: Image manipulation is seen by Alberto Cittone as enrichment and growth; a new creative purpose. For his work 'Inhale – Exhale – Inspire – Create' he won the Silver in the Retouching & Post category.
David Mrugala, Designer
These audiovisuals display the interactions between Earth's magnetic field, the solar wind and cosmic rays arriving from beyond the solar system. Stunning work by David Mrugala, which won the Bronze in Graphic on Fresh 18 Awards.
Elena Kulikova, Photographer
Elena offers a novel approach to fashion stories, capturing WXYZ Jewelry sculptures. Bronze in Styling & Jewellery in Fresh 18 Awards.
Francis Willmann, Photographer
Francis Willmann performs a study of the human body in glitter and gets the Bronze in Makeup Arts.
Ariel Palanzone, 3D Designer
Ariel Palanzone wins Bronze in Sculpture and borrows the words of Jorge Luis Borges to describe his work.
Malcolm Crowther, Artist
Gold in CGI & Character for Malcolm Crowther and his work "What A Happy Picture" at Fresh 18.
Benedict Spence, Cinematographer
Gold in Cinematography for “Roadkill" at Fresh 18. Roadkill is the story of Den, a middle-aged convict from inner-city London, as he reflects upon his past and the events that led to his incarceration over twenty years ago.
Mateja Železnik, Architect
Silver in Architecture for Mateja and her work "Brave Digital World" at Fresh 18. As part of her Master’s Thesis, Mateja submitted a novel center which focuses on treating internet addiction, while abiding by the ethos of modern architectures.
Danny Ivan, 3D Designer
Bronze in CGI & Character for Danny Ivan and his work "Patterns Is My Beach" at Fresh 18. Danny creates conceptual imagery based on abstract patterns.
Torsten Müehlbacher, Photographer
Torsten Müehlbacher wins Gold in Natural and & Landscape for capturing glorious morning scenes in Bavaria.
Matt Whittington, Cinematographer
Carbon in Cinematography for Matt Whittington for his work in "The Robotanist".⁣⁣

Team Credits

Alex Noble

  • Artist & Designer

Danny Ivan

Mark Richardson

Domenica Melillo

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Alex Noble
Artist & Designer
Danny Ivan
Graphic Artist