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Discover the work of Caity Younge, Martín Sanmiguel, Rafa G. Arroyo, Simon Dawson and Shaun Pettigrew, Sean Nash, Cable Magazine, Audrey + Wandy, Rémy Solomon, Brian Plonka - award-winning photojournalist, Joel Knoernschild - a director who seeks to give a voice to marginalized individuals and Adu Lalouschek - another award-winning filmmaker and world-traveller.

Caity Younge, Photographer, USA
Caity Younge is a fashion photographer and film director based in St. Louis, MO. She enjoys creating imagery and visuals that expand on the documentation and exploration of blackness and dark skin in all its guises.
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Martín Sanmiguel, Photographer, USA
A distinguished photographer and videographer, Martín Sanmiguel brings a meticulous attention to detail, as well as highly conceptual executions to every frame that he captures. His show stopping Geisha series, reveal a dexterous virtuosity, while his endeavors in moving image are sprinkled with Warholesque sparks. We love it.
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Shaun Pettigrew, Director, New Zealand
Shaun Pettigrew is an awarded Director, Cameraman, Photographer, Art director and Artist. He works for ad agencies, film production companies, tv network producing documentaries and film. — His Photography has appeared in the International Photography Awards, the Wire Magazine, GQ Japan, Condé Nast Publications, W Magazine, The Guardian as well as D&AD Book. Awards and recognition for his photography and story-telling include Gold and Silver at Cannes Lions and Spikes Advertising Award Shows.
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Brian Plonka, Photographer, USA
"My photojournalism essay work is very personal. I'm influenced by my own past and present. I tend to document my own fears, joys that are interpreted through my subjects."
Maker Series

Adu Lalouschek, Filmmaker & Producer, UK
"I first fell in love with documentary filmmaking in Ghana, where I was able to reconnect with my heritage and tell some incredible stories. My focus has always been on creating work that moves an audience"
Maker Series
Simon Dawson, Photographer, UK
Simon is an award winning photojournalist based in London and taking assignments around the world. From Barack Obama to Nelson Mandela, Simon has photographed world leaders and his work was featured on the front pages of almost every major global newspaper, including the @FinancialTimes, The @Guardian, The Telegraph, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post among others. In an era when everyone carries a phone in their pocket, Simon’s work showcases the complexity of each story, leaving it open for interpretations to the viewer.
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Sean Nash, Digital Artist, UK
Sean Nash is a UK based digital artist, with a background in games, concept art, illustration and graphics. Now freelance, Sean handles character and environment design, UI, storyboards, 3D textures and in-game props.
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Cable Magazine, Magazine, UK
Cable Magazine exists to allow stylists, make-up artists, models and photographers to play, experiment and bring their ideas to life. With each shoot presented as a series of closely-cropped covers, the website makes for compelling viewing. Fantastic in every way.
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Rémy Solomon, Producer, France
Based just outside of Paris, producer Rémy Solomon works with directors such as Colin Solal Cardo and Mike Mills; putting out consistently interesting and engaging music promos.
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Audrey + Wandy, Photographer & Director, France
Art director and photographer duo Audrey + Wandy started working together in 2017. Together they create and direct fashion films, for online and tv, full of emotion and positivity.
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Rafa G. Arroyo, Director of Photography, Spain
Rafa G. Arroyo is an established, Madrid-based cinematographer with a vast experience in commercial work, but also with a knack for creating moving and still narratives that capture the core of each story and landscape. Rafa’s work never stops as he continues to produce films in his home base.
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Joel Knoernschild, Director, USA
Born in Southern California, Joel's a mixed-race, half Japanese Emmy award winning film and commercial director who seeks to give a voice to marginalized individuals.
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