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With summer coming to an end, there's no shortfall in creativity. We've been relishing in new work from our creators Nicolae Negură, Miro Muller, Riley Blakeway, Christine Flynn, Katey Lee Carson, Scott Balmer, Theo Cottle, Alex Southam, Nabil Nezzar, Jon E Price, Felix, Lauren Sick and Jack Evstigneev.

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Nicolae Negură is a Romanian illustrator and artist currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. His work is a combination of strong and garish colours with a rough ink trace that resembles vintage comics. It speaks about people and about the different experiences of humankind, from banal stories of daily life to dreams and feelings. We caught up with Nicolae to discover more about his creative process and the inspiration behind his illustrations.

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Miro Muller, UI/UX Designer, Ireland

Miro is a UI/UX Designer based in Cork, Ireland, with experience in graphic design, brand identity, 3D rendering, illustration and print design. Clean and simplistic. He enjoys design rich in colours and simple in shape, whilst following graphic design rules.

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Riley Blakeway, Filmmaker and Photographer, Australia

Riley Blakeway is an Australian-born award-winning filmmaker and photographer. His films have been shown at festivals around the world, including Ciclope, The Vimeo Awards, SXSW, Raindance and the New Orleans Film Festival. The shackles of reality, we're vibing Riley's music video 'Gold Chains' for Genesis Owusu.

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Christine Flynn, Artist, Canada

Christine Flynn is a Canadian artist working in photography and mixed media. She is known for her landscape photography imbued with abstract elements, creating works of art that exist in between two mediums. Flynn composes images that hinge on nostalgia. The relationship between the photograph and abstract elements is nuanced: the abstractions do not distract from the photograph, but instead appear as if they are part of the image, enhancing it and adding depth.

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Katey Lee Carson, Writer and Director, South Africa

Born and raised in South Africa, Katey Lee Carson is a writer and director who connected with the film medium when she made her first short film, Ginger Curry. It won Best Film at the University of Cape Town short film competition in 2011 and she has been making films ever since.

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Scott Balmer, Illustrator, UK

A psychedelic landscape of a weird and wonderful world with bright, bold and vivid colours created for Wow x Wow Art Show by Scottish Illustrator Scott Balmer. A sensory delight!

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Theo Cottle, Photographer, UK

In the dead of winter, Bulgarians around the city of Pernik dress up in monstrously beautiful costumes made of goat-hair and run from house to house to banish evil spirits. This is kukeri, one of Europe’s last folk traditions which remains untouched by outside influence. Enchanted by these elaborate costumes, photographer Theo Cottle travelled to Bulgaria, to capture a series of intimate, joyous portraits.

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Alex Southam, Director, UK

Alex is a London based director working in live action and animation. His work has been nominated for various awards and featured in numerous publications. Alex has an impressive resume with commercial clients including Samsung, Google, Barclays PLC, Talk Talk, Thomson TUI and Just Eat.

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Nabil Nezzar⁠, Illustrator, UK

Drawn by talented illustrator Nabil Nezzar using coloured pencils on paper, we're left rubbing our eyes at this accurate, detailed, unembellished depiction of actress Gillian Anderson.

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Jon E Price, Filmmaker, UK

Jon E Price is a London filmmaker, writer and director. Featuring delicate cinematography and a naturalistic colour palette, Jon's music video for Olivia Nelson's 'Oblivion' exudes a sense of authenticity and intimacy. Infusing cinematic daydreams with with all the atmosphere of real life, 'Oblivion' is a hypnotic journey through transitionary vignettes.

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Felix, Creative Director, Germany

Felix is a commercial and creative director, writer and photographer. The majority of his work revolves around entertainment in its countless forms, but most notably music. This is the world that Felix came from originally, as a musical director and session player for various artists. Doing such for the prior decade took Felix around the world, which allowed him access to a plethora of remarkable people and places, all of which he began to document photographically.

Eventually leaving the music performance behind, he pivoted further towards photography and film as mediums. In doing so, Felix worked intimately with a number of artists as a creative director and consultant, giving himself space to refine the voyeuristic style he’s embraced photographically. He wanted to build a window into words that are otherwise unknown, framing a view of pure cinematics. His mission is to always capture a raw moment, but provide an aesthetic quality that flatters the subject and intrigues the viewer.

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Lauren Sick, Director, USA

Lauren Sick is a multifaceted Director with work that spans across the narrative and branded space.⁠ Lauren brings to life Tridents vision of a gum that refreshes your rhythm. Featuring NBA player Kyle Kuzma, this commercial is on fire, literally, as Kuzma's sneakers and the basketball backboard light up in flames. That’s one way to get in the zone!

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Jack Evstigneev, Fashion Photographer, Australia

Striving to become a leading fashion photographer and commercial DP, Jack is a Sydney based photographer, filmmaker and commercial AC. Jack has developed a very minimalistic yet engaging feel to his photography style and often uses this to reflect aspects of his personal life. He believes that his personal connections are reflected subtly within the body of his own work.

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