Flood the Streets

  • Lisa Berenson
  • Daniel Kelly
  • Dan Kelly

Severe flooding is on the rise in the UK due to climate change. Symbols are powerful. So we proposed an alarming redesign to the UK flood warning sign to wake people up.

Our new design proposal features some of the UK's most iconic monuments submerged in water (including Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral, Blackpool Tower, The Liver Building, Angel of the North, London Eye, and the Gherkin) in order to drive home the message that the effects of climate change are much closer to home than we think.
To get the message out there, Phantom took our redesign to the streets and installed the signs in eyesight of the different monuments. Our team created placards, and took part in The Global Climate Strike where we gave away stickers to thank and empower the students taking part in the marches.
All the designs are available and free to use on our website floodthestreets.org. Online, we urge people to share this graphic, and help us take over the official symbol on Google Images. And to write to MPs to raise awareness of flood risk and climate change across the UK.
Our mission is to replace the official flood warning symbol for good. So more people are made aware of the real threat of climate change on the UK in our daily lives.
Our bold redesign has already been shared by The Evening Standard, People Magazine, The Huffington Post, NBC News, Business in the Community: The Prince's Responsible Business Network, and more.