Ford Focus 'Beauty of Change'

Launching the All-New Ford Focus, the idea celebrated the beauty of change. Using the metaphor of butterflies to symbolise the beauty that can emerge from radical change, the campaign showed how every aspect of this Ford Focus had been positively transformed. The campaign started with a 60” TV spot, in which we see beautiful, CGI, mechanical butterflies made from individual components of the Focus, travelling across Britain to come together to form the new vehicle. This brand film shows the audience how beautifully designed the Focus is, thereby inviting them to reappraise both Focus and the Ford brand overall. A 30” TV spot followed, that looks inside the car to show how this latest Focus comes jam-packed with all the latest tech, raising the bar of what people should now expect from a Ford vehicle. An integrated brand campaign that ran across TVC, OOH, DOOH, Print, Digital, Social