Forever 21 - Coachella

  • sam sheterline
  • Danielle Robles
Forever 21 appointed ODD as its strategic and creative agency partner in 2013. One of the first briefs we were tasked with involved creating standout for the brand at Coachella, the annual music and arts festival in California.


As a brand rooted in Californian heritage, Forever 21 is the rightful partner of Coachella. This year, the brand wanted to deepen its alignment with the festival and host a party with a difference, setting it apart from competitors and creating high levels of consumer engagement.

The ODD Solution

We proposed a unique concept: A Party in the Sky that would literally elevate Forever 21 above the competition (and the Palm Springs skyline) for aerial brand exposure to provide a memorable party with huge appeal.
An incredible Palm Springs venue was secured ahead of H&M and Phillip Lim, moments away from the airport and main road en route to Coachella, with comprehensive on site facilities and striking, spacious aesthetic.
Enter, #Cranechella.
With the highest buildings in the vicinity reaching only 15ft high, we raised the Forever 21 logo to 60ft above ground, whilst projecting the brand name onto the venue roof during darkness to maximize visibility.
Headline act Azealia Banks performed 100ft in the air, and VIPs partied in true Palm Springs style at 20ft.

Beautiful Effectiveness

Drawn in by dramatic aesthetics, guests queued around the block to gain entry and consumer engagement escalated, with #Cranechella trending on Twitter.
Forever 21’s Marketing Director agreed with the awestruck attendees, saying: “Party in the Sky is definitely going down in the books as one of the best!”
  • 200% guest attendance versus 2013
  • 1.3m Instagram loves
  • 3,200 #Cranechella-related tags on Twitter