[Free Event] Moving from Creative to UX Designer - May 22nd 2019

User Experience Designers are one of the hottest properties in digital. Skills are in high demand and a lack of skilled professionals means there are many opportunities for creatives to take on a new challenge and transition into the industry.

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Join us for a panel event where you will hear from UX designers who had their start working in the creative industries.
Find out:
- The steps that you need to take to make the career switch
- What skills are sought after by employers and what roles exist
- What a UX Designer does day-to-day
- What qualities you’ll need to be successful in the field
- Key areas of growth within the industry
- Advice about starting out in the field
Who is this event for? Creatives, graphic and visual designers, others from the design profession or those just interested in finding out more about the future of design and how your skills will translate - come one, come all!
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