gal-dem's Summer of Sport

  • Mariel Richards
  • Alysha Ali
  • Maz Gan
  • Liv Little
  • Shareen Alder

Nike approached us with a problem - they knew that women weren't engaging with sport at the rate they wanted, but both research and media channels weren't able to delve deeply into women of colour and non-binary people of colour communities to understand and address this. They wanted to develop 4 projects that dealt with Football, Running, and Netball, and encouraged young people and gal-dem's core audience of women and non-binary people of colour to engage both in watching and playing sports in 2019.

We developed 4 events to tackle the problems presented:
A netball tournament to capitalise on the fun associated with the sport, but re-engage an audience that otherwise wouldn't have played the sport again.
A project for 14x 14 year olds to counteract the various reasons that 1 in 2 young women drop out of sport at age 14.
An evening celebrating women's football with 2 world class pundits walking us through the rivalries and personalities that made up the Women's World Cup.
And a run club for 20 women and non-binary people of colour, training them up to run the Hackney 5k in May.
Each event was specifically crafted to tackle the problems presented in research. We knew from YouGov and Nike research that women watch men's football - but the reasons why they felt disengaged from the women's sport were largely down to a lack of knowledge. Where the rivalries and personalities in the men's game are easy to spot and entertaining to follow, these aspects of women's game have far less coverage. By creating an evening where two pundits walked through the England team, their history, and the star players, we helped our audience develop the understanding and enjoyment that would mean long-term interaction with the sport.

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