gal-dem x bumble - Loneliness storytelling

  • Mariel Richards
  • Alysha Ali
  • Becky Taylor

Earlier in the year, Bumble conducted a wide reaching research task to try and understand the trends and experiences that shape the way we form and experience friendships in the UK. From this, they found that 2 in 3 Britons admitted to feeling lonely regularly, but so few of us are ready to talk about this emotion. Bumble's research uncovered that a huge part of this is to do with the stigma and shame associated with loneliness. We wanted to combat this shame and help our shared audiences unpack their feelings of loneliness in a safe space, and create a fun and rewarding environment that encouraged guests to see how many of us feel lonely, and form friendships and connections on the night. We scheduled a special edition of our regular gal-dem storytelling event, and set the theme as "loneliness". We asked our audience to come armed with their tales of feeling alone in any situation, and promised them a space to tell their story with the support and love of a gal-dem crowd.

By the time all our guests had arrived, our list of storytellers was full - with no need to chase up or encourage stories throughout the interval, showing how important it is to make space for these conversations and to platform these voices in environments that care. Huge thank you to our hosts Jinan Younis and Banke Adeyemo, and to our partners Bumble UK on bringing this beautiful evening to life.