God Spelled Backwards

  • Kofi Ntiforo
  • Ben Burnett
  • Naki Narh
  • Nicole Narh
  • Panji Kaonga
  • Aiko Dayap
  • Billie-Rose Hamilton
  • Dmitry Gruber

I am excited to finally announce the my short film is finally here after a year and seven months after it's conception! Thankful to all crew & cast who devoted their expertise and hard work to make this experimental film a reality!

God Spelled Backwards explores the ever-fleeting glimpses of freedom from the grasp of a man with what seems to be a strong desire to escape and move on from pain-inflicting and self-degrading routines, all through the mind and eyes of Hugo. In his recent ordeal, he is forced to come to terms with his own deterioration.

Producer - Aiko Dayap
Associate Producer - Alexandra Canola
Writer & Director - Kofi A. Ntiforo
Director of Photography - Ben Burnett
Sound Recordist - Oliver Woodward
Hair & Makeup Designer - Simone Philcox
Makeup Assistant - Claire Campbell
Production Assistant - Tadas Krakys
Acting Coach - Shéhérazade Bodin

Editors - Panji Kaonga & Kofi A. Ntiforo
Sound Designer & Mix - Billie-Rose Hamilton
Composer - Hugh Major
VFX - Kofi A. Ntiforo
Colourist - Panji Kaonga
Additional Music - Dmitry Gruber
Soundtrack - Sirena Riley & Constant Afun
Graphic Design - Naki Narh

Felipe Veintimilla
Adolfas Andrijauskas
Aiko Dayap
Bilal Brewster-Wilson
Jake Paton
Kirk Thompson
Lucia Abigail Rauda
Rubi Salazar
Sinead Sommers
Stephanie Moralles Villada

For updates on the film kindly follow our instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/gsbshortfilm/