Greenall's Gin

  • Rebecca Matthews
  • Felix Proctor

Celebrating the heritage of the Greenall's brand and their innovation that led to the creationg of the first ever London Dry Gin. Greenall’s wanted a packaging design that celebrated their British heritage, whilst appealing to a younger audience. This design takes it’s inspiration from the innovative beginings of Greenall’s gin. Thomas Dakin, created the first ever London Dry Gin in 1761, setting up the distillery that would become Greenall’s in Warrington. His unique recipe came from a mixture of local ingredients and global spices that where being transported down the Bridgewater canal, which ran alongside his distillery. Taking inspiration from canal boat paintings, this can celebrates the way the canal network within the UK allowed for the invention of Greenall’s London Dry Gin but also how it allowed gin to then be transported across the nation, making it such a popular and quintessentially British drink. In addition to the packaging design, I collaborated with event designer, Felix Proctor, to create a pop up event to promote the new product. The canal boat bar would tour the British Canal systems, as it did in 1761, setting up bars at key locations across the country allowing people to try the new gin flavours and participate in various events, such as cocktail classes.