GUAP Mag x Blue Story Movie | Paramount Pictures

  • Elizabeth Oladogba
  • Anisha Williams
  • Ibrahim Kamara
  • Michael Makinde

Blue Story Movie is a feature length film by Rapman and backed by Paramount Pictures & BBC films. It tells the tale of best friends Marco & Timmy who go to the same secondary school but live in Peckham & Lewisham respectively. The two wind up on rival sides of a never-ending South London postcode war after Marco is beaten up by Timmy's childhood friends. GUAP Magazine is the world's first video magazine dedicated to discovering emerging creative talent. With Blue Story's lead star Stephen Odubola taking on his first big screen debut, in partnership with GUAP we follow him back to his old council estate in South London where it all started. It was vital that we kept all authenticity in all press collaborations so we ensured we engaged with platforms birthed in South London such as GUAP Magazine that are dedicated to championing UK youth culture. We also secured a interview for Stephen on the 90's Baby Show; a popular UK podcast show where he discussed his acting journey so far and all things South London.