'Guilty Pleasure & Perspective' - 360 Exhibition

  • Marie-Chantal Acka
  • Leila George
  • Maya Mensah

The '360 Exhibition' curated by Maya Mensah & Yvonne in partnership with Creative Debuts was about highlighting and documenting art through many different mediums, which I had the opportunity to participate in. The theme for this project was 'Perspective' in which I had to use and portray through my work. For once, I took a different approach and took it quite personal and thought I'd create this project from 'my perspective' using more than one medium. Below are some visual photographs of myself also directed by myself, (taken by Leila George) displaying my perspective on self-care. Capturing my guilty pleasures such as dressing up in sexy expensive clothing for no occasion totally aware and constantly reminded that I won't be wearing them in bed with someone anytime soon; reading comic books and having nothing but cereal for dinner when I'm home alone. These photographs which I edited, were a part of my development and guidance for the final outcomes which are the illustrations below.

'Okay but eating cereal in a expensive silky ass négligé and reading comic books is a form of self-care...OUAIS c'est BON.' She whispers harshly to herself.
'Mais Putain! Where the Sriracha AT though?' She murmurs to herself in search of the hot sauce after uninstalling Uber Eats from her phone.