Hargreaves Lansdown: Life in Neon

  • Stuart Casey
  • Ciara O'Meara

For Hargreaves Lansdown’s latest campaign, we looked at how they could bring the message of ‘Switch your money ON’ into a more emotional and tangible realm; to show off the positive benefit of what can happen when you invest with the brand. The campaign showcases a mixture of, larger than life, real and CGI neon installations, representing the manifestations of Hargreaves Lansdown users and their dreams for a better financial future coming to life. The installations range from a new house extension, a child’s university education, all the way to the safari of a lifetime. The ad is brought to life with by the track Color Decay - Júníus Meyvant, which ebbs and flows as we follow each investor on their emotional financial journey.

The campaign starts on the 04/02 and will run until the 30/04 and will be running across TV, BVOD, DOOH, Online video and social.

People are often unaware of the true benefits of investing over just saving their money in a bank. This was something McCann and Hargreaves Lansdown wanted to highlight with this year's campaign; that investing should be and can be for anyone, anytime and anywhere. Investing with Hargreaves Lansdown is a safe and confident way to build a better financial future for their user’s, thanks to their over 40 years’ experience and proven track record with their 1.6 million users. So, this was an important and key message that was pulled out when creating the campaign.

Ciara O’Meara, Creative Director & Managing Partner at McCann Demand said: “Hargreaves Lansdown has such a fantastic service that enables anyone to invest with confidence. To celebrate them being in business for over 40 years we really wanted to bring to life their ‘Switch your money ON’ line in a more tangible and epic way.”