Hartley's Jelly

  • Hannah Freeman
  • Alice Werrell

Embrace the Wobble

Creatives: Hannah Freeman and Alice Werrell

Jelly is a low calorie snack that can be enjoyed by those who are wanting to participate in sports but are worried about that little bit of 'wobble' that we all have.

A light-hearted campaign to encourage people to 'embrace the wobble', and combat body consciousness especially during sport, because we all wobble - hence the line in the TV spot "everybody wobbles sometimes". The prints show people playing sport where typical areas of concern are replaced with jelly. The experiential pillow will be a public feature on which people can bounce without worrying about wobbling.

Target Audience:
People from any age range who are conscious of their 'wobble' during sport.

Campaign Components:
- 3 X Out Of Home prints
- 30 second TV advert
- Experiential 'air bouncer' + supportive banner