Help save the planet with your food shop - Farmdrop ads on the London Underground

Farmdrop, the online ethical supermarket, launched its new visual identity in 2018. This translated in various London Underground campaigns showcasing the service's key offerings: organic farm-fresh groceries, ethically-sourced products, free-range and high-welfare British meat, electric-van deliveries... In May 2019, as the conversation around climate change intensified, the team felt the need to develop a more assertive message and briefed a cross-function internal team.

Team: Jamie Jaggard, Louis Buck, Megan Robinson, Remi Lefevre

New brand identity for Farmdrop

Part of the refresh pfo the brand in 2018 was all about focusing on the food in a fresher, new manner. The process, documented by Farmdrop themselves, was anchored in the mission: fixing the food chain, from the ground up.
How to tell that story without sounding preachy, but rather engaging both green warriors and a more general public looking for convenience and ease?
The result was a strong idea of "Better food all around", co-created with Confederation Studio.

Early applications in the London Underground

Early flex of the new brand identity and creative platform left space for more aspirational photography and family-orientated USPs.
From a performance standpoint, it did really well to drive brand awareness and preference, but part of the new brief was to bring it back to a more mission-driven message.
To do that, the illustration route made a lot of sense to create a more relatable character for all potential customers - individual, couples and families. The copy also need to be calling out clear "green" USPs, tapping into the zeitgeist of climate change which the business model of Farmdrop is built around, while talking to the reality of the customer who demands ease, convenience, and low barriers to help.

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