Helping Nando's unlock a £40M revenue opportunity

  • Ross Musgrove
  • Marius Bejinariu
  • pietro wendler

Nando’s is… OK, OK. You know Nando’s. Problem Nando’s strategy is to "continue to grow in terms of restaurant numbers, profitability, and market share” and wanted to understand if their gift card programme: - Supported their strategic aims - If so, how big could the programme be? - How do we unlock the opportunity? Solution This project was like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Some pieces were there, some weren’t. Everything needed gathering together and organising to form a coherent picture. It was a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time talking to internal and external stakeholders, industry players and associations, conducting and sifting through research, learning about the gift card programme, their distribution partners, their tech partners, their loyalty programme, the data, the underlying tech, etc., etc. The pertinent discoveries and recommendations were then played back to internal stakeholders and prioritised/developed as necessary. Nando’s is now working to unlock a forecast £40M revenue opportunity.