HeyBigMan! and Hackney Wick FC present #ThinkOutsideTheBlox

  • Mark Bennett
  • Lily Ludford
  • Sorrel Rivers

HeyBigMan! are proud supporters of local hero Bobby Kasanga and the community football club he founded, Hackney Wick FC. We’ve been working with Bobby since late 2017, providing creative and consultancy in support of his various initiatives and programmes that are a vehicle for improving the lives and outlooks of underprivileged youths in London. Last year we partnered with Nike, TOTTEX, Avery Dennison and Bobby to host a series of creative workshops with kids from our local neighbourhood who are deemed to be at risk of becoming involved with criminal gangs. During the workshops the group collaborated to create two sensational football jerseys. The shirts were made by Nike in exactly the same way as Nike would produce a jersey for Barcelona or Tottenham, and they will become Hackney Wick FC’s official home and away kits for the 2019/2020 season. But Bobby and HeyBigMan! have more far reaching plans for these jerseys, beyond just being for the club to play their matches in. The shirts will become the focal point of a nationwide anti youth violence campaign in which we encourage London’s inner-city youth to #ThinkOutideTheBlox. The ambition is for Hackney Wick FC, the club, its badge, colours and shirts to become the symbol of London’s united stance against knife crime and youth violence. The message they carry with them will be one of love, positivity and unity to all of our young people. We want the club and particularly the shirts to become synonymous with the prospect of a bright and positive future for London’s youth. A future away from the horror and destructiveness of gangs. The HWFC shirts will feature at the heart of all of the activities around the #ThinkOutsideTheBlox campaign. And we want the sight of people wearing them to become a ubiquitous one all over the streets, not just of Hackney, but across London and beyond. A special thanks goes out to Gary Morrisroe and AnalogFolk for their continued support and Pete Hoppins for making this all possible. #ThinkOutsideTheBlox #SaveTheYouth Pictures by Gary Morrisroe Photography.