Hilton Vegan Suite

  • Ioana Iliesiu
  • Lily Carver
  • Karen Chan

A world fist endeavour by Hilton Bankside, the Hilton Vegan Suite is created with a absolutely no animal products - as certified by the Vegan Society. A surprising mount of animal products are used in our living spaces - down, wool, silk, even certain paints and varnishes. The pineapple is the mascot of the Vegan Suite. Historically, it was a symbol of luxury and welcome, with people displaying it front and centre of their feasting tables, or gifting it to royalty. Its value was so great that it was used as an architectural feature in royal palaces and monuments, with hundreds of sculptural pineapples adorning London’s historic building and bridges. John Tradescant, a 16th century botanist who lived in the Southwark area, close to the present-day hotel, was the one who actually Brough the pineapple to Britain - it is in his memory and honour that this Vegan Suite was designed.