Karen Chan

Karen Chan

Project DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Karen Chan

Karen Chan

Project DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • Paradise Now
    Paradise NowA multi-sensory urban spa that established London Victoria’s Eccleston Yards as a wellness innovation. Visiting the space for a mere 10 minutes was meant to inject you with a. sense of refreshment and happiness. Guests took their shoes off and stepped onto the Haptic Dunes, dunes of pebbles infused with vitamin powders which would be absorbed through the soles of your feet. The centre of the structure featured a mist geyser with atomised superfood nutrients, like açai berry and hydrolysed coll
  • Hilton Agora
    Hilton AgoraThe anti-meeting room, a space that responds and counterbalances endless meetings where everyone tends to zone out. The Agora Meeting room is a space that is designed to generate creativity. After consulting with behavioural psychologists, each design aspect was chosen to push for the creativity of those using the space at Hilton Bankside. The clay walls is a nod to the Roman history of the Bankside locations well as to the fact that the space itself was below ground level. The ceiling feature
    SCOOPA temporary incarnation of the British Museum of Food, SCOOP was a summertime immersive exhibition through the British history, science and future of ice cream. The lick-worthy architecture housed a walkthrough experience. Guests would observe antique ice cream machines, discover way that ice cream activates the pleasure centres in your brain using lasers, or make their own ice cream.
  • Hilton Vegan Suite
    Hilton Vegan SuiteA world fist endeavour by Hilton Bankside, the Hilton Vegan Suite is created with a absolutely no animal products - as certified by the Vegan Society. A surprising mount of animal products are used in our living spaces - down, wool, silk, even certain paints and varnishes. The pineapple is the mascot of the Vegan Suite. Historically, it was a symbol of luxury and welcome, with people displaying it front and centre of their feasting tables, or gifting it to royalty. Its value was so great that
  • Scoop: A Wonderful Ice Cream World
    Scoop: A Wonderful Ice Cream WorldThe British Museum of Food returns with its first major exhibition, just right for the summer. Welcome to SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World, a celebratory show that will explore the past, present and future of ice cream.
  • Birchbox Pop-up
    Birchbox Pop-upHow do you translate an e-commerce beauty retail experience into a physical store? Bringing to life the unique Birchbox approach to beauty, the ‘With Love’ pop-up store offers discovery, personalisation and sharing. The store showcases a fun and intuitive way to shop, featuring a physical interpretation of the brand’s signature Build Your Own Birchbox (BYOB). Interactive installations invite visitors to hang a love note on the birch tree, or share the love on social via a GIF photo booth, closin
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    Account DirectorFerdinando Verderi
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Project DirectorTwo Times Elliott
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    2xE is a creative studio that excels at brand strategy, visual identity and content production output - mostly for global startup brands. I have helped establish the Project & Account Management team within the studio while supporting and mentoring the junior members in my team to ensure successful delivery as well as the building of long-lasting client relationships.
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